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PPME Source is your printing expert and we can help you with all of your printed Business and Marketing needs from Business Cards to Brochures.


Mailing Services


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At PPME Source, we are your experts on selecting the best format for your Marketing Mail or Statement Processing needs


PPME is short for Printing, Packaging, Mailing and Envelopes.  With over 35 years experience in the Printing, Packaging, Mailing and Envelope Industries, we have created a company that helps you source the best products for your company.  No longer are you handicapped by a printing or manufacturing company that has only it's mechanical equipment resources to select products from.  We are a network of Printing, Packaging, Mailing and Envelope companies that can provide the exact products you need, at the cost point that makes sense for your company...not ours!


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 Food packaging set, bottles, cans, jars

With our expertise in the Printing and Envelope Industries, PPME Source can also help you with your Commercial, Mailing or Marketing related Packaging Products





With over 35 years experience in the Envelope Industry, PPME Source can help you with any of your Envelope needs from Commercial applications to Direct Mail